Full-Service, In-House CLIA Certified Lab

At Perry Medical Clinic, our full-service lab is CLIA Certified and meets rigorous federal quality standards and regulations. CLIA, Clinical Laboratory Improvement, is a division of CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and CMS, the Department of Health and Human Resources. CLIA regulates over 225,000 labs to ensure quality lab testing.

Most of our lab studies are performed in-house, insuring that results are available on a timely basis. STAT testing is available for almost immediate results when needed. Studies that are not done by our office lab are still drawn by our experienced staff and sent out to our reference lab with results generally available in one to two days.

Some of our same-day lab results include chemistries and other serological testing, hematology’s, and urinalysis with microscopic evaluation.

As a service to our patients, we also perform lab work ordered by other physicians, so you no longer have to travel out of town every time you need routine blood work for other specialists.